Shift or Sheath?

6 Jul

Where has the summer gone!?! The POSH SISTERS have had a very busy season and now it is time for our “SENSATIONAL SUMMER SALE”. All merchandise in our store is reduced 30%-70%. If you are within driving distance of Charlottesville, Va., you should definitely plan to stop by. Go to our Facebook page where we have posted pictures of summer outfits, all on sale! We are happy to send you these sweet deals! We still have some of the summers hottest styles available, including two wonderful shift, or sheath, dresses; whichever term you prefer! One of our personal favorites, the sheath, is perfect for the hot, hot temperatures we are having right now! Both styles are made in-house by Janice. One is a yellow vintage print (cute cute cute!) and the other a basic navy sheath with one of those interesting necklines you see everywhere! Stop by to see ours!

So… just what is the difference between shift and sheath? To us, a shift is more casual; a  sundress for those who prefer a little support under their summer wear. A sheath on the other hand, can be a little dressier— it is all in the fabric choice! A copper or gold fabric could go to a black tie event (think the flapper dresses of the 1920s), a nice vintage white pique could virtually go anywhere (lunch with the girls and a little shopping anyone?— think Jackie Kennedy).


                             via.                                                                          via.

As you can see from our examples, this style has a long history! Why not make it part of yours? We can assist you with this— BE POSH !


Inspiration from the Tony Awards

23 Jun

A little slow to get going this AM as we both stayed up to watch the Tony awards last night! It is one of our favorite shows as we not only feel like we are transported to the” big apple” to see a show for a few hours, but we also see lots of wonderful fashion! Our hope is to be inspired by what the stars of Broadway are wearing and to translate this inspiration to styles wearable by POSH customers here in Charlottesville. Last night did not disappoint. We both thought Angela Lansbury made a beautiful choice during her moment on stage. Her two piece navy blue gown was strait-forward and elegant, flattering to her figure, and age-appropriate without being boring; not an easy list to check-off!

Two piece blue gown


Another success story was the beautiful Bernadette Peters in a very luxurious shade of purple. Of course with her coloring, purple is a great choice any time but it is a very fashionable pick this season. To see this and more on the Tony awards, go to Let us know your favorites!


With thoughts of beautiful gowns dancing in our heads, we are now about the business of being POSH in Charlottesville, Va. Janice is putting the finishing touches on a wedding dress alteration to be picked up today and a very special short dress for a second wedding. It is definitely one-of-a-kind. The fabric is mid 20th century which is a great place to start but the design suits our bride to a tee! Will post pictures on Facebook by midweek…check it out!

Must sign off now, need to order some more of those great slippers (as seen on our Facebook page) that have been walking right out the door, ha ha! …Sorry, guess I do need more sleep. Hope you will enjoy our commentary! Be sure to like us on Facebook and share POSH with your friends. BE POSH!

Welcome to Posh Sisters!

21 Jun

BE HEARD FOR FASHION’S SAKE! POSH, a fashion boutique in Charlottesville, Va., is interested in sounding off on style, culture, and everything in-between. We will comment on all aspects of fashion, fabric, sewing, and design. This includes the history of fashion and the designers who shaped it, fashion magazines articles we enjoyed, and go-to exhibits on style and fashion. We will comment on fun events in our store and the designs we are currently constructing for our clients or for the store, lots to talk about… hope you enjoy!